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Mina’s List NYC Launch Party


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On the evening of Tuesday, February 3rd, Mina’s List hosted its New York launch at the home of Abigail Disney. We shared the evening with a diverse, prominent group of individuals - from nonprofit leaders and entrepreneurs to philanthropists and government officials - all committed to ML’s vision of women’s equal and substantive political representation. Together we realized that without empowered women policymakers who would transform the systems that marginalize and discriminate against women and girls, it would be difficult to achieve lasting and substantive change. 

Our keynote speaker for the launch was the Hon. Shinkai Karokhail, Afghan Parliamentarian and Mina’s List Advisory Board member. Mrs. Karokhail discussed the obstacles women parliamentarians face when advocating for the rights of women and girls. She strongly believes that Mina’s List can help improve the status of women in Afghanistan through its work to empower women as political leaders.

As the Hon. Shinkai Karokhail shared with us:

“We need women with a vision, women who are really committed to changing the lives of other women. Otherwise, if we do not bring women into politics, if we do not increase their number, if we do not have a specific agenda, I do not think our male politicians will be wiling to share, and give rights, and listen to them. So who is going to do that? The best way is to have a strong, committed, mission-driven woman inside the parliament to lobby, advocate, and claim the rights of half the population.”

Mina’s List plans to help politically empower women like the ones Mrs. Karokhail described through the ML Afghan Pilot Program. Mina’s List will host the program in the Spring of 2015, in partnership with the Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) and Afghan Women’s Educational Center (AWEC). The purpose of our pilot program is to empower Afghan women who are committed to advancing a women’s rights agenda as political leaders in preparation for the 2015 Parliamentary elections. Program participants will be provided with access to relevant educational resources, empowerment workshops, a mentorship program, and an online engagement platform. 

Through programs in Afghanistan and beyond, Mina’s List hopes to build a sustainable, long-term framework for women political leaders that will improve their ability to advance a women’s rights agenda.

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