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by Emily Kaplan, Mina’s List Communications Intern

In one week, Mina’s List will embark upon the next stage of our Afghan Pilot Project– we’re traveling to New Delhi to host Empowerment Training Workshops that will prepare 15 aspiring women political leaders to run for office in Afghanistan’s next election! With the help of current women parliamentarians who will serve as mentors to the aspiring candidates, and with the support of women’s rights activists, Afghan government officials, and UN women representatives, we are taking a major step toward achieving serious change. 

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We are so excited to see the effort of our first year pay off! It’s been hard work, but from our website launch to finishing in the top 25 of 90 in the Women’s Startup Challenge to an amazing interview in the Huffington Post, we’ve accomplished so much

On #GivingTuesday, it’s hard to pick just one cause or organization to give to. Maybe you are passionate about ending child marriage or eliminating human trafficking. Perhaps you are committed to addressing poverty, climate change, or violent conflict. There are so many worthy initiatives out there. When you support Mina’s List you can have an impact on all of these issues and more…by empowering women as political leaders. 

Research shows that when there are more women in government, more laws are passed to promote the rights of women and girls. When women are included at all levels of decision-making, countries experience higher standards of living, including positive developments in education, infrastructure and health, as well as tangible gains for democratic governance, such as decreased corruption, greater cooperation across party and ethnic lines, and more sustainable peace. 

So don’t worry about choosing one issue over another. Your donation to Mina’s List will have a ripple effect on every level of society. It’s time to empower women decision-makers in countries around the world! 

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