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Heartbreak and Hope

by Emily Kaplan, Mina’s List Communications Intern

Our hearts break for the victims of the acts of senseless violence around the world. In the past few days, suicide bombings struck Beirut and Baghdad. Terror attacks rocked Paris. Over 200 lives were lost. Many more were injured, and thousands of other’s lives were affected and changed by the fear and death caused by such violence. At times, we cannot help but feel that this violence occurs so often it is insurmountable, now simply part of the landscape of daily life. Even as these deaths fill us with sadness, we hope. These losses of life strengthen our resolve to empower women political leaders, the people who will help make a difference and prioritize peace and security. 

To all those affected by this senseless violence, Mina’s List mourns with you. We are determined to change the world and ensure peace for all. 

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