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Our Partner Organizations are vetted through an application process and upon advice of our Advisory Board. They are established regional women’s organizations that advance women's rights.
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Afghan Women’s Network
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Formed in 1995, the Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) is a non-partisan, non-profit network of women and women’s organizations working to empower Afghan women and ensure their equal participation in Afghan society. The members of the Network recognize the value and role of children as the future of Afghanistan and, as such, regard the empowerment and protection of children as fundamental to their work. The Network fosters partnerships and collaboration between members, undertakes advocacy and lobbying, and builds their individual capacities.
Through its Advocacy and Lobbying Department, AWN promotes the voices and perspectives of Afghan women in political and social arenas, and pressures Afghan leaders to create legislative reforms that protect and promote women’s rights and interests. For instance, AWN was instrumental in passing the EVAW law, Regulation of Safe House, and Elections Law. AWN has offices in Kabul, Jalalabad, Herat, Kandahar, Balkh, Bamyan, Paktia, and Kunduz.
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Afghan Women’s Educational Center
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Established in 1991, Afghan Women’s Educational Centre (AWEC) is a nonprofit, grassroots organization committed to expanding educational opportunities for all Afghan citizens and promoting human rights and gender equality within the country. AWEC provides programs such as the Afghan Women Empowerment Program, Education Program, Women’s Rights Protection and Promotion Program, Promoting Democracy and Peace Building Program, and the Organizational Development program.
AWEC works towards the abolishment of discrimination and violence against women and children through awareness raising and advocacy, social service delivery, capacity building, and sustainable development initiatives. Since 1997, AWEC has introduced 20,000 students to the Ministry of Education, and from 2004 to 2006 trained 1,000 schoolteachers. AWEC currently works in more than 11 provinces of Afghanistan: Kabul, Wardak, Panjsher, Kapisa, Paktia, Faryab, Nangarhar, Hirat, Balkh, Ghor, Laghman, Logar and Parwan.
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