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What We Do
Mina's List works collaboratively with regional women’s rights organizations and current women legislators to provide culturally relevant, country-specific educational and capacity-building resources to aspiring women political leaders. 
Our library includes tool-kits to promote successful political campaign strategies, leadership development, and capacity building, plus international women’s rights treaties and model national implementation plans for advancing women’s rights.

Publications cover topics related to women’s equal and substantive political representation globally.
Our Empowerment Workshops address the specific needs of aspiring women political leaders in each country and region. We collaborate with in-country women's rights organizations to cover a range of topics, such as:
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  • default_titleGovernance Structures
  • default_titleWomen’s Rights
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The Mina’s List collaborative workshop model strengthens relationships and increases accountability between our partner organizations and their women political leaders.
Our Mentorship Program pairs women politicians who have successfully advanced women's rights with aspiring women political leaders. Mentors provide support and advice throughout the entire political process.

Our Blog and social media channels share news about women's political efforts around the world and highlight the work of partner organizations to politically empower women. Mina's List believes in fostering a sense of solidarity as we support women's increased political representation around the globe.


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